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Inculcating software testing in our plans opens a new door for the various organizations to build software without worrying about the bugs that occur in it. As the term software testing includes evaluating and verifying, in short, be sure that a software product does exactly what it is designed for. We understand that for building software you have put in all the resources and that is the reason Xprowin works in the direction to let this testing part go smoothly and deliver to you a perfectly working software at the end of this process.

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The practice of reviewing and validating that a software product or application accomplishes what it is designed to do is known as software testing. Preventing defects, lowering development costs, and boosting performance are all advantages of testing. In essence, software testing aids in the discovery of problems in software as well as its setup. Our developers can verify the software's dependability through testing. With the help of software testing, any product may be transformed into a powerful and consistent product.

Areas in

Software Testing

Manual Software Testing

Without the use of tools or automation scripting, manual testing is a testing method that is carried out manually in order to detect faults. In order to ensure thorough test coverage, a test plan document is created that serves as a guide to the testing process.

Automated Software Testing

Before software is launched into production, automated testing is used to ensure that it is working properly and fulfilling requirements. Scripted sequences are run by testing tools in this type of software testing.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is the process of determining how well a system responds to a given workload and how stable it is. Speed, robustness, dependability, and application size are often examined using performance tests.

Mobile App Testing

The process of testing mobile apps for operation, usability, and consistency is known as mobile device testing. Manual or automated app testing on mobile devices is possible.

Security Testing

The goal of security tests is to find any possible flaws and weaknesses in the software system that could lead to a loss of data, revenue, or reputation at the hands of workers or outsiders.

API Testing

API (Application Programming Interface) testing is a type of software testing that aims to determine whether a developed API meets the expectations of an application in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, and security.

Testing Method

  • Agile Testing

    Iterative development and agile testing are complementary approaches.

  • In-Sprint Testing

    There are no delays in testing and development using In-sprint automation.

  • In-Sprint Automation

    Test scenario analysis, coding, code review, execution, and stabilization part of In-sprint Testing.

  • Continuous Integration

    Continuous integration is a DevOps strategy in which developers merge their code regularly.


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