Succeeded in the product development of a new type of identity authentication technology. This product is an organizations approach on employee management and access control. The product uses the biometric pattern constructed by an individual’s finger vein pattern for identity authentication. Once a finger is scanned, the terminal will allow physical access (i.e. Entry through a door) or digital access (i.e. Entry to various files & software modules). Make you organization FV-IAT compatible today!


An application synchronized with real-time allows the end user to easily and accurately reserve a table at select restaurants, place orders prior to arrival as well as have their table ready with service upon arrival. This breakthrough in the dining experience has been a revolutionary movement for all diners who prefer efficient and accurate service rather than the traditional, time consuming approach.


Mobile App Mobile Genie

Successfully developed a revolutionary mobile application that allows for consumers to access various platforms all in one step. Consumers are now able to search a product and/or service, read previous user reviews, find nearest retail location, acquire pricing and much more - all through ONE mobile app.

“DIMES” Mobile App based Loyalty Program for Small Retail Stores

This app gives power to the powerless and helps them come together to stand up to the big chains. It helps to attract new clients and retain loyal clients. Small stores have an advantage of providing a personalized experience and that’s what our app will help enhance making these stores more attractive to everyday shoppers and also to keep them coming back. This app will focus on both acquisition of new clients but more importantly focus on retaining existing and newly acquired clients.


E-Commerce Online Change room

Involved in the creation of a customized plug-in for various online retail stores. Allows the end user to try on various items and services without leaving the comfort of their home. Smart technology captures miniscule details such as skin texture and body measurements regarding an individual and captures it in an image with the desired item of choice. This plug in can be used clothing, jewelry, makeup, haircuts, dentistry, optometry and even cosmetic surgery/enhancements! It can cater to almost any industry.

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